About Senate District 46

DFL Senate District 46 (SD46) is a local unit of the state Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) party in Minnesota. We are responsible for organizing DFL efforts in the 46th Senate District – an area including Saint Louis Park, Hopkins, southern half of Golden Valley, and eastern Plymouth and Medicine Lake.


Voting Maps

City Ward & Precinct Maps

Breakdown of Senate Districts 46A & 46B by City, Ward, & Precinct:

Senate District City Ward Precinct
46A Golden Valley n/a 3, 5, 8
46A Medicine Lake n/a 1
46A Plymouth 3 15, 16, 17
46A St Louis Park 1 1, 2
46A St Louis Park 3 12
46A St Louis Park 4 13, 14, 15, 16
46B Hopkins n/a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
46B St Louis Park 1 3, 4
46B St Louis Park 2 5, 6, 7, 8
46B St Louis Park 3 9, 10, 11

SD46 Bylaws

SD46 Constitution


All residents of Senate District 46 (SD46) who support the principles of the DFL Party and are not members of any other political party are eligible for membership in this organization. Senate District 46 DFL is governed between conventions by a Central Committee which meets monthly, and by an Executive Committee which meets on an as needed basis. Meeting dates, times and locations are posted in the SD 46 Calendar on the Home page. The SD46 Executive Committee consists of the 46th District Officers (Chair, Associate Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Affirmative Action Officer), Directors, as well as Delegates and Alternates from SD46 to the State Central Committee, and Congressional District 5 and Congressional District 3 Central Committees.

The SD46 Central Committee consists of the Executive Committee members as well as the Precinct Chairs and Associate Chairs within Senate District 46. That includes 6 Hopkins precincts, 3 Golden Valley precincts, 17 Saint Louis Park precincts, and 3 Plymouth, and the Medicine Lake precincts. Each precinct may have 1 Chair and 2 Associate Chairs. Vacancies occur periodically – if you would like to become involved as a Precinct Chair or Associate Chair contact the District Chairperson or Associate Chairperson (click on the Contact Us tab above) to see if there is a vacancy in your precinct. If there isn’t a vacancy, there are plenty of other ways to become involved!

More information on these and related topics is available in the SD46 Constitution and SD46 Bylaws. If you are interested in joining and volunteering with SD46, you may attend any of the scheduled meetings or indicate your interest by submitting an online form. Links to other party units, including DFL Congressional Districts 5 (CD5) and Congressional District 3 (CD3), as well as the State DFL are available.

Senate District 46 is your local DFL organizing unit. We are run entirely by volunteers from your neighborhoods with donations from you and your neighbors.  SD46 helps to organize and elect Democratic leaders from the state level to the presidency.  We also put on vital events like the caucus and district DFL convention, which cost money.  Please make a donation today of $20, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford.

SD46 Officers L to R: John Martin; Shawn McGerr; Karl Gamradt; Peter Dyer; Saul Eugene

District Leadership

Officers (2019-2021):

Chair: Shawn McGerr | chair@dfl46.org
Vice Chair: Karl Gamradt | vicechair@dfl46.org
Secretary: Saul Eugene  |  secretary@dfl46.org
Treasurer: Peter Dyer  |  treasurer@dfl46.org
Outreach Officer: John Martin  |  outreach@dfl46.org

Directors (2018-2020):

Website: Mike Miller |  webmaster@dfl46.org
Events: OPEN |  events@dfl46.org

Database: OPEN
At Large: Paul Harder
At Large: Hilary Beste
At Large: Gary Cohen
At Large: Julia Roberts
At Large: Cheryl Scott
At Large: Brian Shekleton
At Large: Mark Caulfield
At Large: Joehey Cici

State Central Committee:

District Officer Delegates (2019-2021):

Chair: Shawn McGerr | chair@dfl46.org
Vice Chair: Karl Gamradt | vicechair@dfl46.org

SD46 Elected Delegates (2018-2020):

Hilary Beste
Cynthia Given
Lee Cohen
Paul Harder
Cheryl Scott
John Martin


Julia Roberts
Deb Bowling
Christa Ruth
Mark Caulfield
Peter Dyer
Craig Schulz
Saul Eugene
Pat Given