SD46 Officers L⭢R: John Martin; Shawn McGerr; Karl Gamradt; Peter Dyer; Saul Eugene

District Leadership

Officers (2019-2021):

Chair: Shawn McGerr  |
Vice Chair: Karl Gamradt |
Secretary: Saul Eugene  |
Treasurer: Peter Dyer  |
Outreach Officer: John Martin  |

Directors (2018-2020):

Website: Mike Miller |
Events: Emily Hennen |
Database: Neal Kelly
Fundraising: Please contact the Chair, Vice Chair, or Treasurer
At Large: Hilary Beste
At Large: Gary Cohen
At Large: Julia Roberts
At Large: Cheryl Scott
At Large: Brian Shekleton
At Large: Ethan Wilensky-Landford
At Large: OPEN – to be filled at May 2nd meeting

State Central Committee:

District Officer Delegates (2019-2021):

Chair Shawn McGerr
Vice Chair Karl Gamradt

SD46 Elected Delegates (2018-2020):

Hilary Beste
Cynthia Given
Lee Cohen
Paul Harder
Cheryl Scott
John Martin


Julia Roberts
Deb Bowling
Christa Ruth
Peter Dyer
Craig Schulz
OPEN – to be filled at May 2nd meeting
OPEN – to be filled at May 2nd meeting